Police Department

Mission Statement

The mission of the New Palestine Police Department is to improve the quality of life experienced within the Town of New Palestine.  We will provide the necessary services identified by the Community as important and to prevent crime, reduce fear, and to enforce the law while protecting each individual's freedom as guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States

With the approval of the Citizens we serve, we will perform our SWORN duties ethically while maintaining respect for individual rights, human dignity, and common values.  We are committed in maintaining a good Police/Community partnership and in assisting our Citizens in identifying and solving their problems to generally improve their quality of life in New Palestine.


Functions and Services

The New Palestine Police Department is staffed by 7 Full-time officers and one volunteer.

  • Law Enforcement
  • Traffic Enforcement and Safety
  • Assist Fire/EMS
  • Instruct at local schools
  • Instruct at Indiana Law Enforcement Academy
    • Instructing new police officers throughout the State of Indiana

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