Boards and Commissions

Plan Commissioner and Building Inspector
Jim Robinson

Board of Zoning Appeals
David Reed - President
Eric Kropp - Vice President
Katie McCarty - Secretary
Kathy Hall
Rawn Walley

Planning Commission
Rawn Walley - President
Eric Kropp - Vice President
Nancy Owens - Secretary
Chris Wernimont
Ryan Hartley
Chad Molinder
Bill Niemier
Mike Jackson (Alternate)
New Palestine Redevelopment Commission
Steve Rainey - President
Rachel Strong - Vice President
Mark Looney - Secretary
Ethan Maple 
Bill Niemier 
School Board President –Dr. Lisa Lantrip
Jarrod Hall, Financial Advisor

Economic Development Committee
Adam Axthelm - President
Teri Reed - Vice President
Jenny Greiner - Secretary
Boards and Committees 
Service Advisory Board – Jim Robinson
Hancock Co. Economic Development - Bill Niemier
Hancock Co. Transit- Steve Pool
MPO Technical- Steve Pool
MPO policy – Jim Robinson