Town Manager - Jim Robinson








Responsibilities of our Town Manager

  • Shall attend the meetings of the Town Council and recommend actions he considers advisable
  • Shall hire town employees according to the pay schedules and standards fixed by the Town Council or by statute
  • Shall suspend, discharge, remove or transfer town employees, if necessary for the welfare of the town
  • May delegate any of his powers to an employee responsible to him
  • Shall administer and enforce all ordinances, orders and resolutions of the Town Council
  • Oversees town drainage, street conditions and snow removal
  • Shall see that all statutes that are required to be administered by the Town Council or a town officer subject to the control of the Town Council are faithfully administered
  • May meet with residents on behalf of the Town Council
  • Shall Prepare budget estimates and submit them to the Town Council
  • Shall execute contracts on behalf of the town for materials, supplies, services, or improvements, after the completion of any appropriations, notice, and competitive bidding required by statue
  • May receive service of summons on behalf of the town